Our aims are set out in a clear vision on how we can work differently and more effectively to improve the lives of individuals who have Learning Disability and/or Autism, who are part of our community and come into contact with our services. Our vision states people with a learning disability and/or autism have same opportunities as everyone else to live safe and healthy lives and to be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Stories

We wanted our service users to be involved in the development of this strategy and in order to do so our team conducted
interviews with some of the residents at our supported living accommodations.
We asked them about their experiences, specifically focussing on points made in section 2.
Feel free to watch the full videos here to find out what our residents told us.

By wearing our Learning Disability and/or Autism intiative badge,
you are indicating that you have had training in how to
communicate with those that have a learning disability,
and are able to make reasonable adjustments to
help them live a normal life.



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